Sunday, May 17, 2015

Your Results May Vary..

We’re on our lunch break on the last day of the Internet Prophets Live event. It’s been a great three days with more than the typical pitchfest where speakers sell – sell – SELL their info products.

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I don’t always get up this early on a Sunday morning but when I do it’s to connec with great Internet minds like Joel Comm – stay thirsty my friends!

I’ve been to a lot of these events over the years. And skipping discussions about the total ripoff’s – you know which ones I’m talking about – the standard disclaimer applies, right? “Your results may vary..”

Even if you’re not a blogger or internet marketer, we all need to upgrade our knowledge. When I danced tango, I would take workshops and attend festivals that had teachers I wanted to learn from.

And often at some point the pitch was “money is not the problem,,” Actually, it is – or more precisely it’s how you look at it.

Most of us think in terms of making money vs. spending it. A creative entrepreneur looks at ways they can invest it. Until you have this mindset no matter what your billable rate is, you will always be capped by the number of hours in the day, which last I checked is 24 hrs – for all of us.

Someone once pointed out that it’s about converting cash to assets to cash, and so on. This is the only way that you get out of the feast or famine mindset.

Otherwise you will never have the money to get the training you need to improve your website copy for your sales pages. Or you will never have the money to upgrade your camera or laptop. Or you will always wonder how will things ever be different.

This is something that no one really talks about.

If you’re struggling to just pay the bills, it’s not just really hard to think about investing thousands of dollars in some guru’s coaching program. You’ve tapped out credit cards – even borrowing from friends and family is not any option.

So, it’s time to dust off some of those assets – that expensive binder from that marketing course, those accounts giving you access to coding classes, or even games you never play or books you won’t read since it’s on Kindle now..

And convert them to assets – because you need cash for that Fiverr gig so you can get a decent logo done or hiring that freelancer to tweak your website.

Assets that will make you more money – because guess what? Money loves momentum. And the world needs your unique gift.

What will you do to take yourself to the next level as a creative entrepreneur?

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